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Asphalt Paving

We do everything from New Asphalt Construction to Overlays! No matter what your looking for We have a solution. Our crew of highly trained professionals can handlle anything you want to throw at them, Don't wait, Call today and find out why more and more people are choosing Jerry's Asphalt Paving everyday to get their Job done right the first time!


Sealcoating is the most important thing you can do to protect your Asphalt, The suns ultra violet rays bake the essential strenth and flexability properties out of the Asphalt, Leaving the surface dry, brittle, and full of hair line cracks that leave the surface vulnerable to water invasion, Eventually the aggregate starts to ravel from the surface and causes the pavement to become rough. The penetration from the water enlarges the cracks and then the freeze thaw cycles take thier toll and add to the breakdown.Gas and oil leaks will soften and pit the asphalt as well, giving it an unsightly and uncared for look, Sealer is the only thing known to Stop the entire process , It will protect the Asphalt from Damaging UV Rays, Gas and Oil spills, and Water Penetration. Our sealer Blocks UV Rays, Weather Proofs, and Resists Gas and Oil! At pennies per square foot its a very cost effective way to protect and beautify your Asphalt keeping your investment looking new year after year! Call today for your FREE QUOTE!

Asphalt Repair

Repairing Asphalt is a very cost efficient way to spruce up your asphalt at your home or business! Badly cracked areas and depressions in your asphalt give it an old, unsightly appearance that is very easily fixed by a number of our services. Call today for a consultation, or if you already know what you want - Get a Free Estimate!  Either way We look forward to your call.

Site Preparation and Excavation 

Give your Asphalt the Strenght it needs to last!  What's under your driveway is every bit as important as what's on it, but.dont worry we can help. We can haul Quality materials to your site, spread them, and compact them, its literally that easy! Dont Wait, get the Quality your looking for at a price you can Afford!  Call today for your Free Estimate!

Lot Striping and Markings

Give your lot that precision look, with Parking Lot Stirping and Markings from Jerry's Asphalt Paving. We can put down Directional arrows, Handicap signs, No Parking, Fire Lane, Personalized names on spaces, or numbers.  Just about anything you can think of. We can also help you with lay out and design to get you the most number of spaces per square foot at No Extra Charge, Call today for your Free Estimate!

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Cracks in your Asphalt (Big or Small) allow water to penatrate the surface and make the gravel under your asphalt soft and sponge like causing the cracks to spread and multiply. The freeze thaw effects of winter also add to this because moisture and water trapped under the surface will expand when frozen and heave up on the Asphalt. Hot Rubber Crack Filling is the only thing known to slow the process, it's also a great addition to Sealcoating. Call today for your Free Estimate!